Prof. James Small talks Clan Affiliation and more...

Since this interview with Prof. Small i have desgnated my clan affiliation as:

Anthony Sloan - African (North American) -
of the (African Americas) Middle Passage Clan
I have interview James Small since the late 1980's. He was the historian-in-residence for NOMMO Radio, a weekly radio program i produced and hosted; and still host to this day in the form of specials. It is my considered opinion that this is one of the finest interviews done with Prof. Small; or any of the many scholars, authors, and personalities i have been privileged to question throughout the years.
Prof. Small resides and spends large amounts of time between Harlem, New York and Ghana, Africa. 
And i thank him for being so gracious with his time; and patient with me.
All Praises Due
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